Magnetic suspension balance – weighing with utmost precision under extreme conditions


Magnetic suspension balances allow the changes in force and mass which act on samples under controlled environments (pressure, temperature, corrosive gases or fluids), to be measured with high accuracy. By means of these measurements it is possible to determine transport quantities and state quantities very easily and accurately (sorption, diffusion, surface tension, density), chemical reactions can be investigated (corrosion, decomposition, combustion etc.) or production processes can be simulated (polymerization, coating, drying etc.)


In addition to fundamental research work and material testing these measuring methods can be applied to many processes in order to design or optimise a great number of industrial operations, for example:

· exhaust gas cleaning

· purification and storage of natural gas and hydrogen

· gasification of coal

· production of plastic

· soil detoxification

· supercritical fluid extraction

· waste incineration


· material synthesis