Sorption Analysis

Perform your experiments with our new volumetric equipment (HIDEN Isochema - Advanced Sorption Analysis)

The HTP1-V volumetric analyser is specifically designed for high accuracy hydrogen sorption measurements on a range of potential hydrogen storage materials. The instrument offers fully automated operation for the measurement of metal hydride pressure-composition isotherms (PCI) and excess adsorption isotherms for microporous adsorbents.
The system can operate in the temperature range from 103K to 773K, including stable isothermal control at intermediate temperatures, and a pressure range of up to 200 bar. The incorporation of auxiliary gas inputs allowing the use of other sorbates, in addition to the helium used for dead space volume calibration, makes the HTP1-V a versatile high pressure volumetric sorption analysis system.

Product Features

  • Dedicated volumetric hydrogen sorption analyser
  • Stainless steel vacuum/pressure assembly to ultra-high vacuum standards
  • 200 bar standard upper pressure capability
  • High vacuum oil-free sample degassing capability, for microporous material studies
  • High stability isothermal control from 103K to 773K
  • Automated isotherm acquisition with integrated self-calibration for PCI and PCT studies
  • ΔH, ΔS estimations
  • Real-time analysis of pressure relaxation kinetics
  • Isobaric kinetic measurements using a mass flow controller (MFC) signal integration
  • Auxiliary gas inputs with mass flow control for calibration and surface area/pore volume analysis

Contact: Mr. Evangelos Gkanas (please inform us about your materials type and conditions of measurements)

Collaborative persons-technical assistance: Mrs. Vasso Mangou-Kritikou (Megalab S.A.)

Download our publication related to the material that we measured in HIDEN’s equipment PDF.